Get Social on TV!

Ever wished your social life remain active while watching Apple TV in couch comfort. Your wish is granted! You don't need to leave your couch, now stay connected with Twitter and Facebook on TV and view your feeds, timeline and statuses.

Download our app “EasySocial” and start socializing on large screen. You would enjoy full TV screen expense for your Social Feeds, Photos and Videos.

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Facebook page will browse you through feeds, search for updates/pages. Enjoy the large scale view of your own timeline, watch shared media and browse their social pages easily.


Twitter page provides you full view of updates in your account, trends and media to full glory of retina display. Again search is available for particular tweet/fellow. Be it news, weather or just friendly share, all look vivid and serene on Apple TV.


Easy social website provides you with short authentication code effective on your Apple TV to link your social account on Facebook, Twitter. Once authenticated, you are taken to the social service main page.